The human consciousness


Cultural features are shaped by the current social structures, such as today’s human countries, which are of course the product of our very recent history, having existed for just a few centuries. The same goes for the human invented, social construction of the concept of nation. Social structures and cultural features are constantly evolving, changing and transforming. The human species, Homo sapiens, has existed on the planet for around 300,000 years, while human civilization history is about 12,000 years old. External, superficial features in humans are based on the continuous interaction of the human species with the environment and are also constantly formed, as well as on the continuous interaction of human populations. Human nature and biology are common. What we are essentially, above all else, beyond any other quality and feature, is our nature, our biology; first and foremost, we are human beings. The human species, Homo sapiens, is one species, and human civilization is common. Civilization is universal and common of and for humankind. There is one common history of one kind, one civilization in the world. We have a common civilization, the human civilization, the legacy and prospect of humanity, which concerns all humans as a species. Human nature and humanity are common and universal to humans. We should acquire the human consciousness. The human consciousness should be established in humans. This means that the human being should acquire consciousness of their species, consciousness of themselves and of their existence. The human consciousness is essentially the consciousness of our being, consciousness of the human being and as a human being. The human consciousness is essentially the consciousness of humanity. We should realize that we are one species with a shared past, present and future, with shared challenges and a shared purpose to coexist in harmony among us and with our natural environment, our planet, being a part of it. We have a commonly pursued cause of a better common present and future for humanity on the planet, for the survival, progress and well-being of humanity and the planet. We humans need to leave behind what divide us and hold on to what unite us. There is nothing more forceful than human nature, than humanity itself.


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