Liberating human existence


All beings, from a single cell, the smallest unit of life, to the universe itself, the whole being, are born, live and die, participating in and carrying on the eternal universal circle. The sense of things for an organism after death is the same as it was before its birth. In death we experience the same state as we did before birth, death is not experienced, only life is. Coming from nothing and reaching nothing, we simply have nothing to lose. Every organism has a life to live, we are given a life that we just live. What differentiates us, human beings, from other beings that live on the planet Earth is the mind. The mind takes life to another dimension. It differentiates human life from other organisms but again the result is the same, we remain just an organism that simply has to live its existence, to live its life. The mind makes humans search for their existence, to search meaning, purpose, reason for existence, attitude to life, a driving force, orientation. It makes the issue of existence more complex and humans get confused with its management. But the mind is a miracle of nature; it has created something that can understand nature itself. It is a gift to humans, as well as life itself. The mind enriches all aspects of existence. Through the mind life becomes more fascinating. The management of the mind provides meaning, makes existence more special, deep, and can make it magical. The management of this gift is enough. By experiencing existence in this unique dimension, yet again being simply an organism that experiences its existence, a being that just be, we also just live our lives.

The mind has made the human civilization. It made humans explore and discover nature, discover the universe. The mind is a way for the universe to consider for itself, a way for the universe to develop self-awareness. The expression of the mind is the human spirit. Every human being also possesses a spirit and as a whole they are the spirit of humanity, the legacy and prospect of humankind.

The mind creates consciousness. Everything is a human invention. We should realize the capability to autonomize consciousness. Everything is conceived by way of the mind. The mind is the source of human reality, everything derives from it; it is the creator of their world, the center of their powers, everything is as perceived and expressed by the self, through experiential relativity. Experiencing and how one experiences their existence is a purely personal affair, realization liberating for human life.

Human nature possesses an individual and a collective aspect, which humans have as autonomous beings and as social beings at the same time. Human fulfillment is an individual affair with collective orientation. It is in such a way that human nature is interwoven with its collective aspect, that collective orientation fulfills the individual. Orientation for the microcosm and the world. What matters is that as long as we live, we just do it well. This is with regard to our own lives but also towards society, towards the world. From the microcosm to the world. We can have an attitude to life for well-being and for a better world, things that are interconnected.

Everything is an effect, every human being participates and can affect positively the collective human spirit, affect positively the world. We need understanding for other people who experience a similar state of life, possessing the human nature, but also to be harmonized with the natural environment, as a part of it, which is our creator and what perpetuates our existence. Neither one’s image to third parties, nor the comparison with third parties has a practical effect at all on how one experiences their lives; it has to do practically only with how everyone personally experiences their lives, with actually common life challenges. We can be just fellow-travelers in this life. We can contribute to the happiness of the other. A fellow-travel sharing life and the world.

All it takes is just a lifelong evolution of being, a positive effect around it and the enjoyment of its nature, the enjoyment of its existence, things interacting with one another. The human spirit as the expression of the mind is inextricably linked to our being. The spirit permeates the body and gives another dimension to all aspects of our existence. Ιt transfers the experiencing of every aspect of existence to another dimension. It enriches every aspect of existence. The spirit is constantly evolving, permeating the body as well as time, and has the capability to make the experiencing of existence more and more beautiful. Appreciation and enjoyment of the spirit. The human body and spirit are simply one, the human’s being. Appreciation of being. Appreciation for existence, appreciation solely of existence. Gratitude for what we have got and what has been achieved, for the beautiful things that happen, for the beautiful things that surround us, gratitude for life. We are just a being, an organism, a being with a mind, but also a being that just be. Everything is experiences, everything is relative. As long as we live, as long as being exists, it is trained and it evolves. Being is constantly trained and it evolves moving forward, being is in constant evolutionary interaction with experiences, with the environment, with the world. Being moves forward and can be trained to do it better. Everything is educational experiences of being, educational experiences of the mind, which can be managed with the aim of bettering existence. Educational and practical management of the mind can proceed, also usable and useful for the betterment of existence. An organism that trains its nature, trains its mind, for the betterment of its existence. The human organism, like every organism, just exists and carries on.

The whole existence of an organism is also an effect on the world, it is also a perception of the world. There is an experiential relativity and a relativity of perception in the human being. Humans themselves can determine how they perceive and how they experience their existence. The perception of the world passes through the being of the human organism, passes through their mind, and it is up to humans themselves how they will manage it and how they will perceive it. It is up to the human being how they will perceive experiences and if they recall them how they will put them back to their consciousness. It is not the events per se that affect us the way they do, but how they are represented in the mind and perceived by the mind, how the mind represents and perceives them, or if they are recalled, how they are put back by the mind. What is reproduced and recycled in the mind is what continues to affect us. Acceptance is sometimes also needed of some things that are so. We can challenge life on the basis of what we have got. We create the image of our lives, the image we have of our lives, the image we have of ourselves, of the world, the image we see in our lives. We determine what will occupy our minds and how, our attitude toward things, the attitude we experience; we also experience our intentions, which we create as well. We, our mind and its management, create and shape our lives. The experiencing of existence and how existence is experienced depends on the mind and humans themselves; the experiencing is a personal matter, as we experience it personally and autonomously – the way we experience is autonomous, a liberating realization.

We are just an organism that simply also has a mind, it has a brain with a mind and that is what the human being is. Simplification of existence is sometimes also needed, realization that it is also simple. A loosening from the self-reference of existence is sometimes also needed, a particularity that we have as human beings because of the mind. Existence, regardless of what the mind does, what is played out in the mind, or whether nothing is played out, simply exists, it just be. We should realize that we are also simply an organism, we are also just creatures of nature, just animals, that simply exist and carry on. This is another liberating realization.

Human liberation and human understanding of the self and those around, being organisms and realizing that humans are organisms with the particularity of the mind that might also confuse them; humans are creatures, animals that explore their existence and the world, and strive for their existence. Liberation of existence as simply an organism, just an organism that can be liberated from inhibiting personal or social molds and enjoy its nature as it is, educating it also for the betterment of its existence.

Every human being has the right to live their nature, to express their being, to challenge and live their existence, in harmony with those around them. We can have understanding for the human being and a fellow-travel feeling, with realization of relating fellow-traveling with those around, based on the human nature – we live in common. But we also live experiencing autonomously, having the capability to experience liberated from obstacles that can be created under the perspective of third parties. Liberation from obstacles by social and human constructs or the perspective of third parties is possible, just a personal being and other beings around, with all beings being transient. The perspective of others has no practical effect, but only to the extent that it occupies the mind. Since all beings are transient, what will ultimately matter next, practically, essentially, is nothing except what is personally experienced and how it is experienced, which is autonomous, but also the impact, the effect that the personal being has, the practical result of existence, on the world, around it and on other beings, things that derive from the personal being. We experience personally, we live in common, experiencing autonomously, living fellow-traveling. Fellow-traveling while living.

We are just a being that just be. We are an organism, a creature, an animal that lives and has nothing to lose by living, it just lives and as long as it lives, it should live. Regardless of what happens in any microcosm, the planet always continues spinning and in the same way. Life always goes on, it is ahead, with courage and passion towards it, with a vivid sense of existence. Life is reality itself. What happens, is existent and is experienced, the reality of life is the now, the experiencing and life are in the now. Ahead and now. The past and the future are just a thought in the now, only the now exists, everything is unique and in the now. Being is always the now and in the now. Our life is ours and it is for us. We are gifted a life, we have nothing to lose but just to live it. Awareness of existence of the being can be in the now, connection to being, connection to the now. Appreciation and enjoyment of being. Liberated also from inhibiting figments, we should enjoy freely our existence. Just experiencing, liberated experiencing of existence. We should enjoy freely the existence and the world. Connection with the world. Just being, liberation, giving ourselves over to being. We should give ourselves over to enjoying the awesome aspects of human nature, which are truly beautiful. We should live as long as there is a sense of being. We should live as long as we breathe until the last breath. Liberation of existence and enjoyment of being. Liberation and enjoyment. We can make this life a wonderful adventure…


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